Happy Birthday, Mr. Incredible and Dash!

The last week in January is a busy week for our family.  Mr. Incredible’s birthday was yesterday (the 27th) and Dash’s birthday is today (the 28th)!  When I was pregnant with Dash we knew I would have to have another c-section (doctor’s said if I’d lived in the prairie days I would’ve been know as, “Oh, Elastigirl, that girl who died in childbirth.”  Thank you, Lord for c-sections!)  Anyway, the doctor said we could pretty much choose Dash’s birthday within a certain time period.  Mr. Incredible thought it’d be cool to share a birthday with Dash which is very sweet.   The mommy in me, however, wanted my little man to have his own special day.  🙂  Mr. Incredible graciously allowed me to schedule the c-section for the day after his birthday.  I’m glad they each have their own birthdays…they are both too special to have to share their special days!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Incredible!

He is just that…incredible!  I think about all he does around the house to help me along with working so hard at work and I feel so fortunate to be married to him.  He loves the Lord, loves me, loves our kids and sacrifices so much for us.  I am so thankful for my Mr. Incredible!  We celebrated his birthday by serenading him at his office door in our pj’s (he works from home)opened some presents,  and he and I went out with some friends for our second annual birthday celebration at Stoney River!  (btw, if you haven’t had their yummy rolls dipped in chocolate sauce ask for it next time you’re there!  Hello!)

Happy Birthday, Dash!

It’s hard for me to believe this little man is six years old today!  It seems like just yesterday he was a scrawny 5lb 15oz little baby!  He’s still a little scrawny 🙂 but he’s turning into such a little man!  He’s lost his first two teeth in the last month and is turning into quite the little athlete!  Dash has a LOT of boy energy but is a sweet spirited guy who rarely gives us any problems!  He’s into airplanes, trains and legos…loves his little brother and big sister…LOVES to draw and make paper airplanes (that I find all over the house on a regular basis!)…and just enjoys being a boy!

(Picture to come…my computer is being naughty!)

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Snow WEEK!!!!

I remember being SO excited when I was a kid and we’d have a snow day!  It is still exciting as a mom…however, this snow WEEK seems like it will never end!  We are on day 5 of being “stuck” inside together! The tough part is that we can’t go anywhere! The snow starts to melt in the afternoon, then the temperature drops only to refreeze it all overnight and we are inside the next day with icy roads again!

So, I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve done during this snow week and some things I’ve learned!

First, here are the lessons I’ve learned:

*It’s more fun to be snowed in with friends! Sunday afternoon we invited some of our good friends to come over and get snowed in with us! 🙂  You probably think we’re crazy…and I’m pretty sure we are, but we had so much fun!  They spent Sunday and Monday nights with us along with their three daughters and it was great!  The kids had friends to play with, we had our friends to play board games with and just hang out with and it made the whole experience even more fun!

We had so much fun playing in the snow! The boys could have lasted out there all day! We women-folk, however, were done after about 15 minutes!

*Homeschooling has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to snow.   Advantage: you don’t get behind on school work!                                                                             Disadvantage: you still have work to do! there aren’t any excuses!

Dash did get really good at making "perfect" q's!

Jack Jack even insisted that he do some work! He lasted about 2.5 minutes!

*Boys have a LOT of energy!  I mean, I knew boys had way more energy (or wiggles as my boys like to call it) than girls, but when it snows and you’re stuck inside for going on 5 days it is just way more magnified!

While our friends were here, we had some mad paper airplanes entertaining us!

*Snow weeks are the perfect week to potty train!  On Tuesday I decided it was time for Jack Jack to potty train!  He has done wonderfully!  We are not without accidents, but for the most part he has caught on like a champ and I’m sure it has nothing to do with the Starburst he gets after each trip to the potty!

Jack Jack was very proud of himself and had a very good attitude about wearing undies! (I'm pretty sure he's going to love me one day for posting this picture!)

*Santa is the bomb for bringing Violet and Dash Nintendo DS’s this year!  Phew!

*Scrabble Cheez-its are very exciting!  Jack Jack gets way more excited about Cheez-its when they have letters on them.  Genius! Now, if they could only stamp letters onto broccoli maybe my other two would eat it!

*You can get a lot of laundry done when you have nowhere to go!

*You don’t create as much laundry when you have nowhere to go! (pajama day every day!)

*On a more serious note, I was reminded of how blessed we are to have a warm home, clothes to keep us warm and food to eat.  I am thankful that our power didn’t go out and we were all safe together.

Moving on, here are some things we did this week to fill our time:

*Drank a LOT of coffee (can I get a witness!?)

We became very close this week...ole Hamilton Beech provided a lot of warmth and comfort! (and energy!)

* Played some bored, I mean BOARD games! 🙂  I wish I had some video of my friend and I kicking Mr. Incredible and his friend’s rear in Catch Phrase! (he he!)

*Ate a LOT of food and boy was it yummy.  Blue Ribbon freezer to the rescue! I have to say we did shudder a few times at the thought of running out of orange juice and/or milk.  These kids can get crazy on ya if they can’t get their fix! (we rationed it out and all was well!)

*Made snow cream!  So yummy!  The kids LOVED it!

This was way easier than we thought it'd be and everyone loved it!

Look at those sweet, happy faces!

* We, of course, had some good ole’ outdoor play time! My boys would’ve stayed out there all day!

What says "the family that plays together stays together" better than a good old fashioned snowball fight!? (it seemed the dads were getting hit the most!)

* Wii was my rescue when Jack Jack, Dash and Violet needed to “get the wiggles out”!!!  Their incredible Aunt Issie gave them Just Dance Kids for Christmas and boy did it come in handy!  Thank you, Aunt Issie!!!!!

They are a hoot to watch! I love how they get into it...even Jack Jack..and it is such great exercise when you can't get outside!

* Jack Jack and Mr. Incredible snuggled by the fire! (awwwww!)  Dash and Violet had their eyes glued to Garfield or something equally as educational!

Aren't they just too cute!?

*Dash wrote a book titled, I Love Trains!  He is in super creative mode. Loves to draw and is very creative with his drawings.  I’ll have to do a post on them soon.

* Walked, ok slid, down the street to see what the neighbors were doing.  Some young 20 somethings (wow, did I just say that!? I thought I was young!) built a snowman that must be 8 or 9 feet tall!  It was quite humorous watching them try to get the second snowball on top of the base!  Entertainment…that’s all I was asking for and we got it!

He's lost a tennis ball eye now, but he was once a glorious site! 😉

All in all this week I’ve felt very blessed.  Blessed to have such wonderful kids and husband.  Blessed to get a whole week of quality time with them (even though they drove me bonkers at times..the kids, not the hubs)…blessed that they were ok spending that much time with ME!  Blessed to have food, shelter, warmth, and things to do.  Blessed to have fun friends to share this with.

And guess what!?  School has been cancelled tomorrow too!!!!!  (I sure hope I feel the same way this time tomorrow too!)

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Looking back…

I’ve started this new blog and since I haven’t blogged in quite a while, I figured I’d look back over the last couple of months and share some of the “happenings” around “The Hut”.

October 2010:

Violet and I went on our first “Girls Trip” with my mother and Mr. Incredible’s mom.  We had an AWESOME time!  Our destination was Chicago where we did plenty of shopping, went to see The Lion King (one of my favorite shows), spent lots of time at the American Girl store (where Julie got her ears pierced and hair done, Violet got her picture made with Julie, and we had a wonderful dinner together), ate Chicago style pizza and braved the amazingly cold wind and rain to get to Navy Pier!  It was a wonderful experience for Violet.  She was beaming the entire time (ok, maybe not so much when we were fighting the rain and wind…we were all laughing…she was more like…crying!) and LOVED being with the “big girls”!

Later that month, I completed my second Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  Another amazing experience!  We camped outside this time and it was cold, but so much fun!


November 2010:

We spent Thanksgiving at Elastigirl’s parents and had a wonderful time with the family.  Our kids always love being around all of their cousins!  There are 10 kids in all so it is chaotic but fun chaos!

I got my first grain mill and bread machine!  Woohoo!  We started milling our wheat fresh and making bread, pizza crust, calzones, rolls, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cornbread, etc. and have thoroughly enjoyed it!  When I mill the wheat, Jack-Jack likes to say, “Mommy, are you making flowers?”


December 2010:

Mr. Incredible had his 7th knee surgery and spent a LOT of time on the couch!  This was his third surgery on his left knee…each time was ACL related.  To say he has bad knees is an understatement!  However, we are VERY thankful that he is doing so well and his recovery has gone perfectly so far.  (We are also praying that this is his last knee surgery for a looooooong time!)

Elastigirl’s parents came for Christmas!  We love to have grandparents in the house on Christmas morning!  It’s so fun sharing such a special time with them.  We weren’t able to go to our church’s Christmas Eve service because of Mr. Incredible’s knee but we enjoyed reading about Jesus’ birth as a family and spending some sweet quality time together.  An awesome bonus: we woke up Christmas morning and had snow falling!  It was a beautiful white Christmas!

We celebrated New Year’s (and late Christmas) with Mr. Incredible’s family!  We had a great time hanging out with his parents and sister and her fiance.  They are such a sweet group of people.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful families.  I honestly could not ask for better family!


Ok, so we’re caught up, right?  🙂 I hope to keep this blog somewhat up to date, but I am not making any promises!  I am Elastigirl, after all…being pulled in lots of directions!


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